CHALLENGE SIXTY-EIGHT: “Happy Meal” Challenge

We went through McDonald’s drive thru the other day. I just ordered a black cup of coffee but my wife surprised me when she ordered a happy meal. She told me it was smaller portions and they even had apple in them. She also got a toy that she could save for when our grandson comes to visit. When I looked it up I found that she actually saved about 365 calories by doing this instead of getting that other meal she normally would order.

I don’t recommend that you eat McDonald’s or other fast food. But the idea of eating smaller portions is a great idea. When you go out to eat you can order a child’s portion or meal. No, it’s not against the law to get a child plate. In fact, most restaurants are happy to bring you a child portion. They are just glad that you are buying something from them.

Another idea when you have to eat out is to order a regular portions but have the waitress bring a carry out container. You can cut your portions in half and take part home with you and eat the rest. The great thing about doing this is with less on your plate you don’t miss it. Plus, you have another meal to eat later.

When you eat like a kid You don’t have to give up that quick lunch. Instead of a ordering a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and large fries, opt for the cheeseburger Happy Meal! You will save nearly 400 calories.

Have a great week!

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