Patience Pays Off – Ecclesiastes 7:8

Ecclesiastes 7:8 – The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.

My sister was really into the romance novels when we were younger. She would always read the end of the book first. I was puzzled by this and asked her why. “Doesn’t that ruin the story for your?” She replied that she wanted to know if the story was worth reading before she invested in it.
Although that doesn’t seem to make sense we can all agree with the writer of Ecclesiastes that the end is better than it’s beginning. We always want to see how things turn out.

But that also comes with a warning. Patience is better than pride. You see patience will help us get to a result that pays off. But it is our pride that often gets in the way and hurries things up.

I know a young women that wanted to be thin. She wanted it now. So she started skipping meals. Her hunger would get the best of her and she would binge on all kinds of unhealthy food. Then her guilt would hit her. One day she ate so much that she threw up. It relieved her guilt and so from them on began a game of binging and purging. She ended up so sick, weak, and deluded. Her body was wasting away and she could only see herself as being fat. She nearly died twice and tried to commit suicide several times. She finally got the help she needed but the physical results of what she did to herself were terrific. She has kidney problems, bad teeth, scars on her body, and she looks 25 years older than she actually is. She was impatient and let pride get in the way.

Experts tell us that the best way to lose weight is to lose no more than 2.5 pounds per week. This is because our body needs time to learn and adjust. We need to learn proper eating habits, portions, and controls. Our digestive system and other systems need to adjust to our new eating habits and weight loss.
Patience really pays off. The result if you are careful, and learn your lessons well, is that fairy tale ending you want it to be. But you can’t skip to the end. You have to start at the beginning are enjoy each page of the novel.

Dear Almighty God, Thank you for this journey, this incredible adventure. Although I long for the storybook ending I ask that you help me to patiently wait and keep my pride in check. Help me to live each day for the day. And to live for you first of all. I pray this in the name of Jesus, my Lord, Amen.

A Point to Ponder …
When a clock is hungry, does it go back four seconds?

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