CHALLENGE SIXTY-FIVE: Distraction Free Meals

How many times have you quickly grabbed a meal and scarfed it down while watching TV or doing some work at your desk? Well, It seems like a good idea but if we really want to lose weight we need to be aware of what we are eating and how much. Often times when you eat while distracted you miss the signals that your stomachs is sending to our head and your head is sending to your stomach. Sometimes it causes us to eat too much or to feel hungry again too soon.

Your challenge this week is to eat all your meals free of distraction.

It is shocking the amount of food you can eat without realizing it as you’re watching TV, answering email, driving, or doing other activities. Eliminating distractions during meals will force you to focus on what you’re eating, making you more aware of your food and increasing your satisfaction.

Before you eat, do a quick check to see what might distract you. Make an effort to rid of those distractions. Concentrate on your food, the taste, texture, aroma, and feel of the food are all apart of the experience. Appreciate your food and be aware of what you are eating as well as how much you are eating.

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