CHALLENGE SIXTY-FOUR: Pedometer Challenge

Some of you may know what a pedometer is and some may not. A Pedometer is a little gadget that attaches to your belt on your hip and it counts your steps through out the day. It helps you to monitor and record your activity throughout the day.

Now you can spend a little or a lot on a pedometer. But the cheap ones do a pretty good deal. The one I like was through Walgreen’s drug store. It only cost about $20.00 but you turned in your total periodically and they gave you points that would give you discounts in their store. I thought that was a great way to save money and get fit. You might check it out.

Weight Watchers has a pedometer now that is called ActiveLink. It cost about $40.00 and has a $5.00 activation fee. You plug this into your computer like a flash drive and it automatically figures your steps for the day and gives you an activity report of your movement. Pretty slick!

I still have an old one that I got free at Subway a few years ago. It works fairly well too. I saw some at the dollar store the other day too.

Your challenge is to wear an activity monitor all day, every day. Count your steps. About 2,000 equals a mile. You should set a goal of 10,000 steps each day.

Wearing an activity monitor gives you a more reliable record of how much you’re actually moving. Most people often overestimate their activity level. It can also create a sense of competing with yourself, encouraging you to move more to meet or beat your own goal.

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