CHALLENGE SIXTY-THREE: Fit 2 Get Fit Challenge

Some people believe they need to spend a ton of money to work-out or exercise. There are those who join a gym or club so that they can have access to the latest equipment and exercise programs. All that is okay but sometimes you have to burn. The problem is that sometimes you join a gym or buy a piece of equipment and then you don’t use it. It becomes a waste of money.

I had one of those gliders that you sit on and put the handles and lift your own weight. It was a great piece of equipment but it became an expensive place to hang clothes on. The next time we got a piece of equipment I told my wife that if we got it we were going to use it. Well… it does get used… occasionally.

This month we are really trying to focus on fitness. But I don’t want you to go and pay a lot of money. In fact, I’m going to give you three cheap pieces of equipment that can help you move more and won’t cost you a months salary.

The first thing is to save a couple of empty gallon milk jugs. They make great hand weights. You can fill them with water, sand, or dried beans. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to buy several different size weights. You can simply change the weight by adding or taking away from the contents of the jugs until you get it to the desired weight. If you decide you don’t like them then you aren’t out a ton of money.

Another way you can exercise for cheap is to go to your local dollar store and pick up some thing. You can get a jump rope for just a buck or two. The jump rope, of course, can be used for jumping but it can also be used for sit-ups, leg lifts, dancing, and more.

Another thing you can get is a hula hoop. I know what you’re thinking. I can’t do the hula hoop. I know. I can’t either. I never could. But you can use it for other exercises too. A friend of mine keeps one near her chair. During commercials she gets up and puts it on the floor and jumps in and out of the circle. Then she threads her body through it several times. She crawls through it. She throws it and picks it up. And by the time her show comes back on she has had a work-out! How many commercials are in an hour show? See how it adds up. Any movement is good movement.

Bungee straps are available almost anywhere. You can use these for “resistance training”. Attach the bungee straps securely to the wall and attach the other ends to a belt or ring. Pull the ring or belt as far as you can. You can use more straps for more resistance.

I have a friend who made a chin-up / pull-up bar with some old pipes he found in a junk pile. I have a couple of spring clamps in my shop that I use for hand grips (I love multipurpose tools).

Here are a couple of websites that might help you:

WARNING: If you’re going to use homemade equipment check it for security, stability, durability, loose screws, cracks in material, etc. Be safe. No savings is worth a trip to the ER!

If you want to invest in exercise equipment than check the thrift stores, garage sales, and Craig’s List. You can get some great deals but make sure the equipment is safe.

A group of friends of mine are putting together a fitness swap-meet. They are meeting at the Mall on Sunday afternoon with all their used, unused, unneeded, and unwanted exercise equipment and videos. The idea is to buy, sell, trade, and have fun talking to others about the pros and cons of various equipment.

Your challenge this week is to begin to get in the routine of working out and exercising more. Don’t let expense get in your way. And don’t buy worthless junk.

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