Challenge Sixty-One: “Five Minute” Challenge

One of the hardest parts of my job is that I spend a lot of time in the office. I sit. I type. I write. I read. I sit.

There are two things necessary for weight loss. The first is that we moderate what we eat. And the second is that we move more. This is the only proven method for success in losing weight. It is a lifestyle that constantly needs to be tweaked and modified.

Since I have had to spend more time in my office and sitting I have had to challenge myself. I started using a time to remind myself to get up and move. It is easy to get caught up in a book or doing some work and forget the time. You get busy on a project and soon the morning is gone. So I set my timer for one hour and then I go for a little walk for about five minutes. Work an hour and work out for 5 minutes. In the process of an 8 hour day you are now exercising about 40 minutes!

You might say,”Hey, I don’t have a timer I can use.” Really, there is one on your smart phone. There are also stopwatches built into most digital watches. Why you can even open one up on your web browser. Here is my favorite: has many other types of timers and stopwatch programs. Try them out.

Your challenge this week is the “Five Minute” Challenge. For every hour of sitting you must get up and walk, run, jog, workout, exercise, or move more.

Have fun!!!

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