Productive Lives – Titus 3:14

Titus 3:14 – Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order to provide for urgent needs and not live unproductive lives.

I get so frustrated when I see all that I have to do and yet things prevent me from getting them done. Sometimes I feel like my day has been so unproductive. I usually am my own worst critic when this happens. I feel like nothing got done so everything else is just distractions.

The problem is that I am a list person. “If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time,” my dad’s words echo in my brain. There is nothing wrong with being a list person. It helps us to apply the 80/20 principle and prioritize what is really important. The problem is when things that aren’t on the list interfere with the list things. And the things that aren’t on the list can be just as important or more important than you think.

Perhaps one of the reasons the priest and Levite passed by on the other side was because helping the wounded man wasn’t on their list of things to do. They were in a hurry to get to the temple. If they stopped even for a moment they might become “unclean” and not be able to fulfill their sacred duty. Or maybe they were just too pious to stoop to help a fellow man in need. When I think of them as being too busy I can relate.

I remember a time when a woman called me and needed some help with a small plumbing problem. She couldn’t afford to call a plumber and she had no close relatives to help. I am sure she didn’t expect me to drop everything and go over to her house and fix her stopped up drain. But I did. It ended up taking longer than expected and I was really frustrated because I wasn’t getting the things on my list done. But when I was done she was so grateful. A few weeks later she came to church with a friend and when she saw me she introduced me as “her minister who fixed her drain.”

God isn’t calling us to get everything done on “our list”. He is calling us to fix drains, wash feet, and be a neighbor to those in need. You see, we have a different definition of being productive than Jesus does. When his mother and father couldn’t find him during a trip to Jerusalem they finally tracked him down to the temple. When they told him how worried they were he replied to them, “you should have known that I would be taking care of my father’s business.”

I want to be about my Father’s business. I want to do what he calls me to do. Don’t be so attached to your list that you don’t leave room for God’s Holy Spirit to move you where he needs you to be.

On this weight loss journey I have found that there are a lot of things that aren’t as productive as I thought. I have had to make changes and adjustments. I have found that you devote yourself to doing good that you win at the scales. There are benefits to living a productive life in Christ.

Dear Lord, Thank you for distracting me from my list and helping me see your priorities instead of looking at my own interest. Help me to devote myself to doing good. Give me the eyes to see the needs and let your Spirit and Word lead me to doing good and being productive. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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