CHALLENGE SIXTY – The Pantry Challenge

When I started my weight loss journey I made a big mistake. I cleaned house and threw out everything that wasn’t healthy or weight loss related. I was alright for the first week but then I stared wanting something else. I became a sneaky eater. I would buy some candy or other goody when I was out by myself. And because I didn’t want any evidence of my indulgence I would eat every crumb and dispose of the papers before getting home.

Instead of throwing everything out and having everyone in the house resent it why not reorganize the pantry to make it weight loss friendly. Take all the items that are a benefit to your weight loss efforts and put them at eye level in your cabinets or pantry. Then take the other items that aren’t friendly and put them really high on the shelf or down low where they are “out of sight- out of mind”. You may also want to take things that come in large portions and bag them up into smaller one-serving sizes.

Put things that are good alternatives on you counter where they can be seen. I know it sounds funny but I forget that I have fresh fruit in my refrigerator. So putting a few apples, bananas, and oranges on the counter is not only smart but makes the room look and smell nicer.

There are lots of helpful ways to organize your pantry and cabinets to make them “weight loss friendly”. You can find some of these ideas on line. Here are a couple to start you out:

Some of the ideas on different sites are the same. That’s because they are usually good ideas! Put these into practice and you will be amazed how it helps your weight loss efforts.

Your challenge this week is to make your pantry weight loss friendly!!! Have fun.

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