Blessed Are The Merciful – Psalm 41:1-3

Psalm 41:1-3
1 Blessed are those who have regard for the weak;
the Lord delivers them in times of trouble.
2 The Lord protects and preserves them—
they are counted among the blessed in the land—
he does not give them over to the desire of their foes.
3 The Lord sustains them on their sickbed
and restores them from their bed of illness.

Jesus said, “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.” As he goes through the beatitudes, we can see how God rewards those who have the right attitude in life. For those who are willing enough to put themselves in someone else’s shoes for a moment God will show them kindness in eternity.

The last few days I have had this miserable cold. It has corrupted my whole thought process and made me angry and impatient with others. Yet, I received emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages from those who are praying for me. I have had people who have offered to go to the store for me or even help with things I am unable to do for myself. And I am humbled.

My wife posted that she was hoping that I would get better soon. It isn’t because I am grouchy and miserable to be around. It is because she misses me and wants the best for me. She and her friends are praying that I will be better soon. They are showing mercy on me.

But now I am feeling guilty. Not just that I have been a grouchy bear out of hibernation but that I don’t always show mercy to others in need. Yes, As a minister I try to visit the sick and people in the hospitals. I pray for them. But what about the other people who need mercy?

Sometimes I sit in judgement over people who are suffering with obesity yet find every excuse not to do anything about it. I have no sympathy for the person with Emphysema who is still smoking cigarettes. I have very little patience for the person who is caught in a cycle of sin and yet does not repent or look to God for a way out. I condemn those who willfully choose a life of sin and am careful not to “throw my pearls before swine”. There are those who frustrate me because they “don’t get it” or they reject sound doctrine. And I can only say that those people should be glad that I am not God because I would rain down my wrath on them without restraint! (Whoa, boy, calm down!) You see, try as hard as I like, I am not a merciful man. I judge people on a standard that I myself can not obtain.

God offers mercy and grace at the cross. And he wants us to be that way too. He wants us to forgive others and understand that he is God… judgement and vengeance are his alone. Too often we look at others to measure ourselves against when we should be looking to the Lord. We cannot hold others to a standard that we cannot obtain. We must show mercy and love if we are to be effective in our ministry of service to others.

Dear God, You are worthy of my praise because you have give love, and grace, and mercy, when I deserved punishment and Hell. Please help me to be merciful to others and help others who are lost and in need. Help me to feel better so that I can get back out there and show love and mercy to others. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

“The most miserable prison in the world is the prison we make for ourselves when we refuse to show mercy.”
-Warren Wiersbe

“The Gospel is good news of mercy to the undeserving. The symbol of the religion of Jesus is the cross, not the scales.”
-John Stott

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