CHALLENGE FIFTY-FIVE: “Souper Challenge”

Here is a good challenge for these cold weather days. It’s um-um good. It’s good for you. It’s easy to make. It doesn’t take much time. And it’s healthy.

It’s time to eat soup!

There are a lot of great soups out there that are really good for you. There is zero-point soup, cabbage stew, carrot soup, split pea, lentils, vegetarian soup, tomato soup, and so much more.

Most soups are low in fat and calories. The have a lot of vegetables and herbs in them which are nutritionally beneficial. They are satisfying and filling which means you can eat less. They also stick with you and warm you up. Yes, there are many benefits to soup.

Soups are easy to make and you can take just about any soup and adapt it to your need. I like the chili and I often make it without meat so I can keep the fat content lower. I also use much less salt than you get when you buy soup off the shelf.

But let’s not totally blast canned soup. There are a lot of great canned soups that have good flavor and are good for you. Progresso has a line of light soups that even have the WeightWatcher points on the label.

Things to watch out for: cream soups and cheese based soups are usually high in fat, starch, and less vegetables. Be careful not to eat too many crackers or too much bread with your soup. Also be careful of putting things like macaroni, noodles, sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, and other things into your soup that will cause the calories and fat to add up quick.

Your challenge this week is to eat more soup!!!

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