CHALLENGE FIFTY-FOUR: Winter Blahs Challenge

I must admit that my motivation to move more really wanes in the winter. It’s not that I suffer seasonal depression or anything like that. It’s just that I don’t like the cold. My joints hurt. And I just want to get under a warm blanket and drink hot coffee or hot tea.

But that is not the right attitude, now is it. Your challenge this week is to break the winter blahs and challenge yourself to do some exercise and eat right.

Here are some ideas:
1. Shovel your neighbors sidewalks. Check on neighbors and see if their okay!
2. Go speed walking at the mall (no stopping for shopping or eating!)
3. Throw all your mittens and gloves on the floor and then bend over and pick them up one at a time. (repeat this as many times as necessary).
4. Walk to the store and buy your neighbor lady a gallon of milk for her cats.
5. Watching the football games? Try this: Stand up every time your team passes the ball. Sit down every time they run the ball. Do a spirited dance when they score. Jump up and down when ever you get upset with a play. Run around the coffee table when the other team has the ball.
6. Don’t use the remote but change the channel and volume by getting up and doing it manually.
7. Go check the mail even though you already got it today.
8. Get the step stool out and take all your stuff off the top shelf of kitchen cabinets one item at a time, dust the shelf, and put the stuff back on the shelf one item at a time.
9. Play a rousing game of “sock tag” with your kids. Don’t have any kids? Offer to babysit the neighbors kid’s for an hour for free (you’ll be the most popular person on the block).
10. Wrestle with your sweetie under the covers!

Okay, you get the idea. Now go beat those winter blahs!!!

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2 Responses to CHALLENGE FIFTY-FOUR: Winter Blahs Challenge

  1. Susan Swain says:

    I definitely had to laugh at some of those! Especially after that Panthers loss yesterday!!! So glad your blog is up and running again!!!! I’ve missed it! Praying for you guys daily!

    • Loren Lung says:

      Feel free to add some of your own! One of the ladies in the church asked me if rocking faster in her rocking chair counted as exercise. Why not. If it helps get your heart pumping and your breathing harder. Just as long as you don’t get dizzy from all the excitement!

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