A Taste Of His Banquet – Luke 14:15

Luke 14:15 – When one of those at the table with him heard this, he said to Jesus, “Blessed is the one who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God.”

I just love a church potluck. And why shouldn’t I? There are so many delicious treats, casseroles, meats, and vegetables. But when you are trying to lose weight their are a few things you have to remember. First, you have to watch your portions. Second, you have to be aware of what is in some of those wonderful dishes. There are things you will need to avoid. Third, you need to put seconds and thirds out of your mind. And finally, you need to make the right choices. Limit your meats and casseroles and go heavier on the fresh fruit and veggies.

Some people get discouraged with church dinners because they don’t have control. These people will sometimes stay at home or be very vocal about how poorly they eat. Some will even insist the people start bringing healthier fare to the table. But I think we should be both grateful and gracious with these dinners and those who partake.

Some things you might want to remember is that it is really a time of fellowship… being with others. Sometimes I will eat my food and then go around and visit others. It helps me to stay away from seconds and allows me the opportunity to get to know others.

I often times will bring something healthy for myself to eat just in case there isn’t anything there. Sometimes I will bring a vegetable tray or pickle tray. Sometimes I bring fresh fruit. One time, Wendy and I brought fresh apples and an old fashioned peeler and corer. The kids loved turning the handle and eating the fresh slices of fruit.

No matter what you think of fellowship meals we can all agree that there will be no compare with that wonderful banquet we have with our Lord and Savior in heaven. I don’t know what that will be like but I can just imagine the glorious delights. Everyone is welcome to respond to his invitation. And the best part about it is we won’t have to watch our fat and calorie intake!

Dear Lord, Thank you for the fellowship that I have with good Christian brothers and sisters. I ask your blessings on all of them. Thank you for those precious meals we share together. I earnestly look forward to that great banquet in the Kingdom of Heaven. I know the best is yet to come… I’ll keep my fork! In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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