CHALLENGE FORTY-NINE: Identifying Triggers Challenge

Triggers are conditions and situations that cause you to eat. Think about the times that you have given in to temptations and ate something you shouldn’t have eaten. What caused you to lose control?

One of my biggest triggers is depression. I have to admit that I often times hit the pantry or fridge when I am feeling down. Often times when I am sad my body tells me to eat but I am never satisfied. That is because I am not really hungry and food will never sooth depression. In the long run, it makes me even more sad because I have negated the efforts and progress that I worked so hard to do. Once I have identified this trigger I come up with plans to fight my depression.

Another trigger of mine is boredom. Yes, it is easy to sit down and mindlessly eat without giving much thought to how much I have shoveled down. Once I have identified this trigger I make a plan to keep my mind and body busy so I won’t find myself mindlessly eating a whole bag of chips.

Your triggers may be stress, depression, loneliness, frustration, deprivation, sorrow, lack of sleep, boredom, guilt, anger, thirst, or even joy. It is different for everyone.

Once you identify your triggers you will be able to develop a plan to counter them at every turn. Your challenge this week is to discover your triggers and come up with a plan to overcome them.

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