CHALLENGE FORTY-EIGHT: “Pickle Me” Challenge

Two things that you will find in abundance in my panty are dill pickles and pickled peppers. I love them. They are good and they are nutritious.

Pickles can be made from just about any kind of vegetable. I have had pickled cucumbers, pickled peppers, pickled green beans, pickled green tomatoes, pickled squash, pickled onions, pickled okra, pickled carrots, pickled cauliflower, pickled cabbage, pickled broccoli, pickled turnips, and pickled parsnips. Most pickles are made with vinegar, salt, water, herbs and spices so they do not have very many calories.

You will also need to watch your sodium content. Some pickles are very high in sodium.

Sweet pickles have added sugars so you will need to read the nutritional information on the label and follow close the suggested serving size.

There are also different kinds of fruit pickles as well. Most pickled fruits are pickled with spice like cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. They can also be pickled with added sugar so you must be careful. Fruit also is higher in calories. I have actually had a pickled watermelon rind and believe it or not it is so good. Pickled dates and figs are good too and they have much less sugar than jams and jellies.

Pickles are a good snack item. They also have been proven to help curb your appetite.

Pickle juice can be drank after a run or hard exercise to replace salts and potassium lost in your sweat. They can actually help prevent muscle cramps. I actually drink pickle juice when I get a muscle cramp too and it really helps!

Your challenge this week is to eat more pickles.

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